Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wholemeal Toast

I just love the way the countryside is littered with tell-tale signs of excitement. People behave so differently around incidents like this - unfortunately many miss out on the full experience by slipping too easily into panic and rush around failing to take in the basic visual spectacle. Fire in particular has so much to offer, not just visually, but the fizzing and popping sounds of small components giving up their elements can be such a joy - then, of course, there are the smells associated with burning tyres, paint, fuel and the standing wheat crop. Luckily the agricultural community is pretty relaxed about tidying up after itself so we get to appreciate the moment for years to come.

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Peter Ashley said...

I just love this picture. Particularly with Fotheringhay church in the background. It's like fire and brimstone has visited the combine from the fifteenth century tower. An Act of God none less, a gilded lightning strike aimed right in the diesel tank.