Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Pickled Cabbage

The B250 was a useful tractor in many respects but having no live-drive rendered it pretty useless for running the topper. What I hadn't appreciated until I came to flog it was just how popular they are with the vintage ploughing community. The guy who came to pick this up arrived in a rotten Bedford TK on trade plates with no windscreen - all the way from a fen. To keep the chill off, he was completely covered from head to foot in old potato sacks. He did bring me some cabbages and his young lad (at least seventy) who was driving wouldn't let go of the lorry for fear of getting lost. This transaction must have been eight years ago now and I saw the tractor again in a ploughing competition this September. The jar on the exhaust stack is ex Branston Pickle.


Ron Combo said...

That's the way I like 'em.

Peter Ashley said...

You like it because not only is it falling to bits but it's also finished-off in a disturbingly flesh-like colour, which would help you in your deliberations I suppose.