Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Getting up Steam

By far the easiest way to set the dining room ablaze is to fire up some steam power after a big lunch, very seasonal - and the smell of burning meths and furniture is such an evocative stab. This is the 1965 Mamod SE2 out for an airing. This motor has previously powered a sizeable Meccano crane and a ferris wheel but on this ocasion is just having a no-load test run to provide a postprandial soundtrack for my siesta. If you haven't been able to fire up your steam engine yet this Christmas you really ought to get on with it.

1 comment:

Peter Ashley said...

Another stunning pic from Diplo. Nice touch with the fizz in the background. Think I'll pack it in. I once bought a Mamod Steamroller for my eldest son and then nicked it off 'im.