Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Serial Sunshine

Ex military Series 2A '61, although demob'd '71 (hence the K plate). Great litle project truck, this pic on arrival day - beautiful sunshine. Things are a little different now. Engine was a bit slappy so came out (see first entry in these pages). Found a 5 main series 3 motor on e-bay and dropped that in c/w S3 box and tranny. Just been in the 'shop for a spot of welding but pretty much ready for action. Reverting to rag top but keeping the military bumper and heavy grill. No doubt an up-date shortly. I ended up with this truck by standing around at my local fixer's discussing with Billy-Bob, Digger-Bob and Jim-Bob the chances of finding a tax exempt project such as an early series -" what's that blue pile of metal in the brambles over your shoulder ?" - "blimey, fogot that was there - have that one" !!!


Peter Ashley said...

I love the spare wheel on the bonnet. I once lived next door to a shepherd who went down to feed sheep every morning at Gallow Lodge (before it was turned into condominiums). I went with him once and was very impressed to see strands of rusty barbed wire kept within the wheel for emergency repairs. To fences, presumably, but with this marque of Landrover I suppose you never know.

Toby Savage said...

It's always the best way to buy them. See it, like it, buy it. you know they are always going to be loads of trouble anyway, so there is little point looking under the bonnet or kicking the tyres. You'll have years of fun!