Saturday, 1 December 2007

Ou est le savon ?

That masterpiece of engineering that is the Barrage de Villefort in the Cevennes was in a spot of bother when I drove by on this occasion. The scene should be of a 450 acre reservoir ! Grateful for the photo opportunity I pulled over to take in the rather sinister spectacle. The sunken boats on the South shore are really quite disturbing and the plan to simply elevate the old road is beautifully exposed here. If you get a chance the D906 from Langogne, South to Ales is a splendid road, hounded much of the way by the even more breathtaking railway - buy a ticket from Le Puy and head South.

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Peter Ashley said...

Ah, the Cevennes. This is where I drove straight into a period film set whilst the Panavision Reflex was turning over. See Unmitigated England page 166.