Friday, 7 December 2007

Mi Casa Volante !

I can't believe this is the only pic I have of the Jungmann. The Bucker Jungmann, put to very effective use by the Luftwaffe in aerobatic competitions in the thirties, was settled with the Spanish after the war. It was manufactured and supplied to the Spanish air force as a primary trainer and in use right through to the '80s. Being Spanish built (1958) this is actually a CASA 1-131-E3B powered by the Enma Tigre motor. This plane spent its first month in this country chained to a stanchion in the Customs shed at Southend Airport - some technicality. Beautifully engineered and weighing only 420 kilos this was such a pleasure to fly and sorely missed.

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Peter Ashley said...

I particularly like the exclamation marks dropping from the fuselage.