Saturday, 26 April 2008

Series Wiring

Ah- yes well, hello again. Bit distracted lately and frankly my brain hasn't been up to this malarkey. Series is ready for MOT any minute but it became apparent that years of abuse and dodgy "add-ons" have taken their toll in the electrics department. A minor fire both sides of the bulkhead gave us the clue that all was not well. With the help of a cup tea and a very quiet expert accomplice, things are nearly back to normal. I share this picture with you in the hope that you may be encouraged to tackle some long-postponed tidy up; mental, social, financial, electrical or even structural - these challenges can fester and often prove to be surprisingly enlightening and enjoyable when the "lid" is off. I particularly recommend sharing the experience, that way you've somebody to blame if it all goes up in smoke. By the way - I've about had it with Ambridge - thank God the trial's over, Rory seems to have lost the power of speech, the cricket season's started and Mat Crawford's been handed the opportunity to upset everybody on a plate. MORE POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE.