Thursday, 22 April 2010

More Sausages Part 1

Been off air for a while for which many apologies. Loads has been happening but on the fettling front it has mainly involved the little Honda CB Special. This is a subject which I think has been well flogged. On a more positive note we welcomed a new batch of weaners to Diplo Hall a couple of weeks ago. This year we are going to try and run two batches so we've started a little earlier. These little chaps are pure Saddlebacks, a very interesting breed, more about that later. We are aiming to run these for about 12 weeks having got them at about 7 or 8. This is amazing,they will get to around 65 or 70 kilos in 20 weeks from birth and in very short order will be stretching the seams on the Diplo HQ freezers. Transport for weaners is provided by the trusty Series. The box in the back is an old engine crate and serves for collecting the critters and becomes their home for a week or two until they move into their luxury (bigger) quarters. MORE MEAT PRODUCTION !