Thursday, 6 December 2007

Double Eighty

What are the chances ..? Fancy that - not one, but two brand new Series Ones being delivered by rail, fresh from the factory. I was particularly pleased to catch this picture just as the Willys was scooting over the bridge, bringing together the two great dinosaurs of the off road world. I think there may be a bit of blog weaving going on here but the coincidence was too great not to post. Off to find some more tractor pics in the archive.


Toby Savage said...

Well spotted Diplomat. Early 80's as well with the canvas flap on the door to gain access to the inside door handle. I'd put them at 1948 or 49. Maybe the first months of production in 1950 at a push, but no later.

Ron Combo said...

Blimey, Kleenex time for Explorer Savage.

Peter Ashley said...

I want to live on the second floor of the Miners Arms.