Sunday, 2 December 2007

Farmer Drama

Right, that's it - Rory has to go! I sort of gave him the benefit of the doubt - seed of the great Brian's loins, conception in the back of the Range Rover etc etc. I had also assumed his presence would be a passing annoyance, not dissimilar to elevator musac, but it looks like he's here to stay. I was wondering if it would be possible for Jennifer to back over him in the Disco', rushing off to get some mixed peel from the deli in Borchester for Jack's birthday cake. In a particularly dark moment I hoped he might get caught up in the bumper and be dragged off down the track obscured by a cloud of farmer's dust - Brian running in pursuit, waving his arms and cursing his long suffering wife. A little hopeful, but perhaps we could convince Sam Peckinpah to capture the scene on celluloid.


Peter Ashley said...

Whilst I agree with Diplomat over Rory, I'm far more concerned about that motorcycling vicar who wants to rip the pews out of the church.

Diplomat said...

I'm starting a book on Phil making it back from Down Under - that was a long drawn out parting at Heathrow .... you've been warned.

Toby Savage said...

The Stonton Wyville vicar rides a Ducatti. With you on the Rory verdict.