Monday, 3 December 2007

Pisa Expressway

Named after a road, like many Lancias, the Aurelia took its title from the 350 (odd) BC Via from Rome to Pisa. These cars must have nearly killed Lancia, the innovation and engineering was stunning. Conceived by Vittorio Jano (this late B20 coupe being bodied by Pininfarina) the car was based around a 2451cc 60degree aluminium V6, engine speed prop to a rear trans-axle clutch, gearbox, diff and inboard brake package with independant suspension - all very trick. Run-about choice of Mike Hawthorn, these cars really were the thing to drive in the '50s. Whoops - is that another bloody CX in the background ? Can't get away from them.

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Peter Ashley said...

Lancia's have always held a certain fascination for me. Until my neighbour in the seventies bought a Beta which alarmingly rusted in about three days.Although the Aurelia was always my favourite, in drophead form obviously. Perfect for the cobbles on the Appian Way, or for drawing up outside the Carlton in Cannes.