Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sign Me Up !

Right then - while we're in rant mode,the heating oil tank's getting low and it's chucking it down - this is perhaps the moment to launch the anti road sign push. I appreciate this is very closely associated to the street lighting issue and quite rightly too. I think I have been even more clever than usual with the title of this post as it proposes a campaign style, a lobby or petition. That's all very well but I'm actually going to run this campaign as a one man show for a bit so don't feel pressurised. I had rather hoped that the price of scrap metal, particularly the very high quality dur-al type alloys used in road signs would result in them falling prey to the gas axe and disc cutter, squirreled into transit pick-ups and eventually make their way to China to emerge as counterfeit Honda engines. I drove a section of the 508 a few weeks ago and realised that there was NO point in the journey when less than 4 signs were visible, the heaviest count was 19 in 150 metres. In a village near Diploville a highway re-route became necessary to prevent a mouse getting run over and the resulting works at ONE junction have left us with 11 new aluminium blots. Scrap the signs - let 'em work it out for themselves. They may actually become illegal on the grounds that we are all driving without due whats'name because of the masses of tosh we are forced to digest on the approach to a roundabout or junction. I may well have to expand on the subject in these pages over the next few weeks. Ooh, by the way, I include the above pic to demonstrate what good signage is all about and to annoy the unmitigated author. MORE COMMON SENSE !


Peter Ashley said...

I'll ride shotgun when we take the Diplomobile out at night to crush unwanted signing. And yes, I still want to know about these signs. I've got some in a book wonderfully entitled 'Pump & Circumstance' but nothing quite as good as these last two.

Toby Savage said...

Bravo Diplo. I'll keep look out. We can beat a few signs into new panels for Land Rovers.

Diplomat said...

toby - series 2 floor sheets are inverted "new road layout ahead"