Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Banking Suspended

Central Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin. By Sam Stephenson 1975. Controversial even after being reduced in height for contravening planning restrictions, this building is much un-loved but I've not come across this brave approach before.
A central column supports massive, balanced beams from which the floors are suspended, as can be clearly seen in this rather splendid shot. An habitual supporter of the under-dog, I have taken this fantastic piece of engineering under my wing and propose to defend it. If they really want to get rid of it, I'd gladly have it re-assembled in the grounds at Diplo Hall. MORE SUSPENSE !


Peter Ashley said...

The Liquorice Allsort School of Architecture.

Jon Dudley said...

Shall be there next week. I look forward to seeing it. And the best possible pub is....?

Diplomat said...

blimey jon - quite a lot to chose from ! If you're around at lunch time and need a proper agricultural casoulet, check out The French Paradox in Balls Bridge - link on my post " oh molly "