Friday, 28 November 2008

Real Food

This has been a long time coming - apologies for the delay. I'm very blessed in that my local happens to provide good beer and real food. The Queen's Head at Bulwick, Northants has been mentioned in these pages before but I'm beginning to feel guilty about not sharing it widely enough. Run by the enthusiastic Geoff and Angela, this pub keeps coming up trumps and has the Diplo seal of approval after many years sampling.
The beer is taken very seriously and it is such a pleasure to be able to enjoy a village pub that is happy to present a fantastic pint without making you feel you ought to be ordering a la carte for a dozen. So many of our pubs have gone foody and really don't understand the point of beer. Somehow this place manages both in real style. A little sample menu is attached - these two on separate occasions, but the offal dish a few weeks ago was absolutely out of this world, Geoff kills and butchers his own game which has to be a good thing. The pig's ear dish I had as a starter tonight, and was brilliant. I'm not a food writer but am happy to say I don't need to be - where on earth can you find such serious goodness AND with a pint of Brewsters Decadence to wash it all down ? - (that and a good Chilean Syrah/Cabernet).


Peter Ashley said...

I have partaken of the delights of The Queen's Head with Mr.Diplo, and can atest to its undoubted qualities. The DIY slaughtering is evidenced by bloodstained sawdust on the car park, and I do believe Mr.Ron Combo has wept openly at the sound of the church bells opposite drifting through the open windows on a summer's evening.

Thud said...

I rarely eat fav traditional English foods are best prepared at home...I dislike the hodge podge of Euro foods served in most i get to down some of my stash of vinogirls finest cabs.

Ron Combo said...

I'm on my way. LESS PASTA!