Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gas Works Outing

Some 12 or 15 years ago I recall taking a stroll in the early morning to get a closer look at this spectacular gasometer - in fact I seem to remember there being more than one then. This beauty at Barrow St in Ringsend, a short walk from Balls Bridge, was protected by a preservation order ( quite right too ). It was converted into a nine story apartment block called The Alliance (of what ?) and remained empty for many years. I gather it is now a hotel. Bloody shame it's not a gasometer really, it has all the potential.
I do think we need to get our unmitigated author on the case of architectural transvestism. Gasometer Hotel, Bank Wine Bar, Power Station Gallery and the like. I worry that many of our great industrial achievements have been lost forever, concreted over or just plain smashed beyond repair, in so many cases replaced with very unworthy structures. Having had a good look at this piece I should think it could just about be restored to its former use when the hotel's expired. This can't be said for the miles of railway track bed that has been grubbed out and built over, viaducts demolished, station yards now covered in ghastly over-priced, ill-conceived, appallingly designed, shockingly constructed, copy-cat, bijou "executive homes". MORE REVERSIBLE PROGRESS !


Peter Ashley said...

Loading up the cannon now Diplo, particularly after seeing what Sharpe did with one tonight.

Ron Combo said...

Where is this Diplo?

Diplomat said...

Ringsend is in Dublin - the first shot is taken through the Lansdown Road site ( the stadium is undergoing a massive re-build).