Monday, 26 November 2007

Up In Smoke

I may well have been watching a bit of Cheach & Chong when exploding car noises caused me to stick my head out of the window and see my beloved Ami Super going up. Of the 1/2 dozen Amis in the archive, at least 2 were Supers. Fantastic 1015cc of stealth rocket. I reckon to have posted some of my best A-B times in this great little car. Inboard discs were impossible to keep cool and after a hectic few miles could actually boil the fluid and render themselves all but useless. Brake fire was the suspected cause of this disaster. Ooh - is that a bit of Volvo C202 action going on in the background - great truck - swimmer too.


Peter Ashley said...

I love that sooty stain on the windscreen. Spontaneous combustion in cars is very worrying; a chap I knew in the late sixties once had the wooden dashboard of his MG TD slowly catch fire in front of him as he drove along.

Ron Combo said...

Do you know that I always wanted an Ami? Outrageously French. If you've got a left-hooker, Diplomat, I'll have it off you. Then I'll try to drive it back and probably leave it on the ferry because I can't be arsed.

Toby Savage said...

Yeah Ron. I remember you talking about them with tear filled eyes back then. The notch back rear window one always caught my eye.