Thursday, 29 November 2007

Burnt Sienna

It all happened VERY quickly after this moment! No3 in the CX archive (Red 22 Saloon). Coming back from collecting a new Tigre engine for the Jungman in Albacette, I found a handful of 12g shells amongst the debris in the foot well, thinking this might cause a scrape at the next border post it was deemed wise to dispose of them. Not wanting to waste the cordite and pass up the oppotunity of a 100mph whoosh ............. The car actually filled with smoke in a split second and the deluxe velour roof lining caught fire like gasoline vapour, taking most of my hair with it. Needless to say the Spanish motorway police were very cool about the whole incident. Fantastic skid marks (not just mine) which the police wouldn't let me photograph - sorry.


Peter Ashley said...

What amazes me about this picture is that Diplomat appears to be calmly still holding the steering wheel whilst photographing with his right hand. I bet he had an untipped Marlboro on the go too. Definitely a man to have at your side in a crisis.

Diplomat said...

In passing - I think that was Niel Young on the Blaupunkt.

Toby Savage said...

After the Goldrush?