Tuesday, 27 November 2007

On Safari

A tow hitch has proved useful more than once. Leaving The Dolphin Hotel in Gt Yarmouth early one morning I moved off without waitng for the suspension to rise and took 40 foot of railings with me, having snuggly parked the ball hitch in the fence the night before. The incident depicted here was the result of poor hand-brake adjustment, a domino effect resulted in the Fiesta being written off (see the misaligned door), the Astra van behind that badly hurt and the Balisha beacon behind that taking a lie down - three down and hardly a scratch ! This particular CX (number 4 of 5) was a diesel (filler cap patina), very sluggish but a tough old bruiser and certainly did some damage over the years.

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Peter Ashley said...

Oh Diplo how wonderful. How many more can we take? A DS19 Chapron, perhaps, hanging off a cliff with a burnt roof half off, or possibly one like the Big Fifteen we saw in Maigret with Lucas leaping onto the running boards shouting 'Oui Patron', wedged into the doorway of Les Deux Magots.