Thursday, 30 April 2009

Works Band

In the light of our Unmitigated friend's failed attempt to join the Foden works band I thought I ought to share this with you. As it happens the band were transported to their engagements in the company bus. Sadly the actual machine has long since died but in the late '50s this ex brewer's dray from 1923 was converted into a replica of the band's transport. I haven't seen it for years but it did do the rounds of steam events in East Anglia and is still around. I feel sure homeward journeys were fuelled with a case or two of beer and much noise. MORE BRASS !


Peter Ashley said...

We must track this down- just being having discussions about a book on steam, both mobile and static. Toot toot!

Jon Dudley said...

A worthy vehicle to add to to the unmitigated bus fleet along with the Leyland Tiger and chain drive Daimler. I think there have been reports of sightings of this wonderful device in the Whitby area. Too far North for me but the adventurous might like to take a punt on hitching a ride. I recommend Googling 'Preston Services' Mr.A...for all your steam requirements. Toot! toot!

Toby Savage said...

Most bizarrely I followed a brand new steam truck of similar design on Friday somewhere in Northamptonshire. It even had an '09' registration number and a bloke up front monitoring dials and stoking a boiler. Five wurzles sat in the back looking self conscious.