Sunday, 21 September 2008

On Any Sunday .........

Sideways, upside down and down right bonkers really. BMF Tail End Show provided this Sunday's entertainment - Short Track racing was furious and action packed as always.
I thought I should include this pic of an upside down 'crosser in case you thought things were a bit normal. This mo-ped endurance racing is possibly the most aggressive form of motor sport, despite the fancy dress this is all taken very seriously and looks a bit rough. It requires a field of about 45 mo-peds with compulsory rider changes, pit stops and crashes. Run on the 440yd speedway track, the race is spiced up with the inclusion of three chicanes made up of tractor tyres. MORE MAYHEM !

1 comment:

Peter Ashley said...

Great action pics Diplo. Slightly disturbing though to see a JCB in the wings, utilised in scraping up bits of bike and riders I presume.
And where did the flying biker end up?