Friday, 19 September 2008


In honour of Richard Wright (1943 - 2008) I thought I should post a picture of the axe I purchased from Eugene's shop in the Gers. This shopping trip was follwed by a massive lunch of foie gras, casoulet and a conversation with a local woman who informed me that the village war memorial listed 14 direct family members killed in The Great War and a further dozen at "the hands of the Nazis" - as she put it. It seems that this remote, poor and recently annexed part of France proved a rich source of cannon fodder for the French military - leaving it rather empty and bleak nowadays - sad really. Top grub though. MORE CARE !


Peter Ashley said...

Sitting minding my own business (for once) in Montpazier in deepest Dordogne, I was berated by an old woman poking her stick at me and muttering under her breath. Apparently it isn't the Nazis they get hot under their blousons about, but us and the Hundred Years War. A lady's monthly 'time off' is still known here as Les Anglais Est Arrive. (How do you do accents in the comment box?)

Ron Combo said...

Good question, how do you do accents in the comment box? (And it should be "sont arrive" but we'll let that pass.)
The Italians aren't overly fond of the French. Interestingly, they too often say "Excuse my French" (yes, I know, in Italian) when they imprecate foully.

Peter Ashley said...

Wasn't Imprecate a test cricketer?