Thursday, 14 February 2008

Model Behavior

It's difficult to describe the sense of excitement and tension to be enjoyed at these sort of events. I was particularly struck by the proliferation of Madonna style head-microphones and ear pieces relaying vital signalling information and fiddle yard manifests around the room - I say room, there were three massive halls of this stuff going on at my local model railway club's annual bash. Quite apart from the fact that every square inch of space was taken up, either by exhibitions, small boys, track vendors, fat old people, push-chairs etc, the noise was deafening. I like the word clamour, and this is the time to wheel it out. Shrieks of delight were to be heard above and aside specifications, descriptions and tales of "well, I started the layout in the kitchen 27 years ago........". Deals were being struck keenly for spares, points sets, locos, engine sheds and even quantities of hedging material. Some people spoke quite slowly, some more quickly, pitch and volume were erratic and the overall effect was quite exhausting. After an hour I retired to the canteen and had a delicious Pukka pie, peas and chips with a huge steaming cup of tea. What a day out.


Peter Ashley said...

Whatever you do Diplo, don't go to the big modellers' annual jambouree at the NEC. If you do, avoid the Swiss exhibit where an 00 gauge blacksmith welds up a cuckoo clock or something with a torch that actually has a real jet of flame coming out the end.

Ron Combo said...

Ah, England in an anorak! Perfect!

Peter Ashley said...

Good title for a book there Ron. I'd open a bottle of Asti Spumanti and get scribbling if I were you.