Thursday, 21 February 2008

Dinosaur Delivery

A sad day indeed at the Diplo HQ. It is with a heavy heart and a hint of a tear that we have to say goodbye to the sculpture that has lent an air of class to the view out of my office window (see Plant Hungry Plant on this blog). With the price of scrap metal going through the roof the 22500 lbs of high art is making its way to an appointment with the gas-axe. After much grunting and groaning the beast was wrestled from the undergrowth and parked up, awaiting the next stage of its journey. It is a comforting thought that when you buy some fine Chinese made saucepan or lawnmower later in the year it may well contain some dinosaur DNA. MORE SCRAP.
POST SCRIPT. Reprieve ! The lucky new owner has announced his intention to export this stunning piece of machinery to Jamaica where it will start a new life screening gravel. What a relief, I am assured of a postcard at least. MORE SHIPPING.


Peter Ashley said...

Looks like parts of it have already made that pick-up in the background. Only jokin'.

Peter Ashley said...

Very glad to hear it's going to a new rusty life in Jamaica. I expect to see it acting as a guano elevator in the background of any re-make of Dr.No.