Friday, 25 January 2008

Gold Strike

I was listening with interest to the ex Canadian Mounty who's been struck by lightening SIX times. I remember seeing him interviewed on the box about twenty years ago recovering from the sixth one, he looked a little startled and was proudly holding his hat, his finger poking through the blackened hole like a shocked young Glen Campbell in a scene from True Grit. He didn't mention ever being struck by a rainbow but judging by the state of these two hedgerow oaks it could be equally stimulating.

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Peter Ashley said...

I once met a bloke in Eskdale who said that a friend of his was photographing a rainbow and got struck by a bolt of lightening that burnt his trousers off. 'All to the smell of burning sulphur (one for you Alois)I expect'I said. Regarding me with great suspicion he carried on to say that the incident stopped his mate's heart, which was re-started when he fell over backwards. It was my turn to look through narrowed eyes.