Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Fallow Lands

Taken about this time of year - fairly grim sky - i rather like this little group munching on the "set-aside". This particular field, outside the back door, is awash with wildlife, the problem is they all want to tuck into our veg patch. I have seen a fallow deer clear a 6 foot fence from standing without even thinking about it, on the run they'll happily dive headlong into the thickest blackthorn hedge and emerge like rockets, unscathed the other side without breaking stride. They also have a very wholesome diet which, combined with the outdoor life and a little winter fat, make them very tasty indeed. 30-30 Win 150 grain HI-SHOCK soft point flat nose from 100 metres'll do the trick. One for the freezer ! MORE KINETIC ENERGY

1 comment:

Peter Ashley said...

Can you put a couple to one side before Ron gets a whiff? He'll eat anything now he's off the sauce.