Saturday, 19 September 2009

Land Speed Heroes

How time flies. BMF Tail End September show at Peterborough this weekend.Managed to get over there today to catch some ace Flat Track action..
As it happens Chris Carr wasn't racing today - BUT - he will be Sunday 11th October. Quite some legend in the world of oval racing and one time motorcycle land speed record holder (350.8 mph), Chris is a keen follower and supporter of the UK flat track scene. Come to Peterborough 8th October and enjoy philosophical chat about English beer and how to make your bike go sideways faster than anyone else.
Just found this pic in the archives, Chris Carr #4 at Scunthorpe last year, #54 Peter Boast in hot pursuit with #76 John Lee planning his attack ! MORE LEFT TURNS !


Affer said...

When one thinks of the great American riders coming from this type of racing, it's a surprise it isn't more popular. And I read that King Kenny did a recent demo of a TZ750 tracker - THAT I wold like to have seen!

Diplomate said...

There's loads of it on my-pipe thingy. PLUS you know the Chris Carr night in October - he's only just gone and won the record back at 366.something !!!!!!! this very week. Get your self over to Peterborough on the 8th Oct and tell him how you'd have done it over a pint of beer, maybe Oakham Ales' JHB.