Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bubble & Squeak 2

Progress report on the Diplo livestock. 22 weeks of rummaging, rootling and lazing around in the mud and these two are piling on the weight, I estimate around 120 lbs live weight at the end of July. We're still planning on a finish date around October/November. From now on they really should be laying on some fat which is what we're after. This is a bit of Mr Coales famous bacon as blogged last year, salt cured for 13 weeks and left to mature for a further 6 months before being released from the vaults - absolutely heavenly ! I'm sure we'll not be able to get quite the fat content because the Tamworth/GOS is a leaner pig, but we're hoping to produce something similar. MORE TIME !


Toby Savage said...

Oooooo. I can almost smell that bacon, sizzling in the pan. We have a duck called Quackers, should you need a pair of fresk duck eggs to compliment the bacon. She's an egg machine.

Peter Ashley said...

I think there should be a celebratory breakfast at Diplo Hall. I'll bring freshly-made Colmans Mustard and waxy fir apple spuds to fry up. Oink, oink!