Wednesday, 22 July 2009

High Speed Comfort

Travelling at speed in this country is becoming more difficult with increased traffic levels and a shocking prevalence of toady driving. Comfort is, of course, paramount and the Raleigh Police Issue from the '60s combines cycling luxury with awesome speed.
24" frame and 26" wheels leave the pedalist with a commanding view of his surroundings and a confidence inspiring presence on the road. Unmitigated discussions on the other chanel have driven me to haul the machine out for a photo shoot. A couple of months back a twelve mile, pre-pub, jaunt around the Eyebrook proved no problem for machine or rider and many a modern Disraeli geared hi-tech cycle was left for standing. This particular bike was bought new by my dad in the mid sixties in an effort to get fit, it spent most of the next thirty years gathering dust and a wholesome patina before being shocked back into life about fifteen years ago. Whilst I don't pretend to be a regular cyclist, this is definitely my machine of choice when required and no amount of marketing will see it replaced with a "modern". MORE SWEAT !


Peter Ashley said...

Truly marvellous. I love the decaying Raleigh transfer. I can see this being a prop in an Unmitigated Shoot in the not-too-distant future.

Thud said...

My brother in law is embarking upon restoring a couple of old bikes much to my amusement...they can be seen via my blog links...I love juice