Monday, 27 July 2009

Buffalo Bill

More recent shot of Diplo Jnr's workbench. The knife blank is one of those rather pricey hand forged steel pieces from Scandinavia favoured by Ray Mears and his followers. When it arrived in the post I couldn't quite believe how beautifully made it is or how sharp ! The plan is to make up the handle with a brass hilt and a collection of bits to be bonded and shaped as one, probably finished with a turned piece of aluminium for the butt. For the main shaft of the handle we have a very fine and extremely hard piece of Box we turned up on the lathe. We've an assortment of Buffalo horn, Red Deer antler, Rhinoceros hide (from and old pair of boots) and some Ivory to make up the laminated pieces. Finished product should be great and certainly unique. MORE LAMINATION !


Thud said...

The Mears prog in which he has a Sami knife made was a great watch,are the blades easily available? keep us informed of progress.

Diplomate said...

Thud - check out Ray's w'site, he sells the blades under his Wood-Lore brand. The intraweb being what it is, there's loads of stuff out there now - Mr Google'll do the trick. Re the programme with the knife making - very good, I agree - EXCEPT - what was going on with all the luvvy sing-song stuff !!!!!!!!!