Saturday, 25 October 2008

Street Art

Spire of Dublin, affectionately known as The Spike, presumably a monument to Mr Milligan. Almost breathtaking and VERY brave, this needle in stainless steel by Ian Ritchie soars some 400ft into the grey sky. I spent a few moments lying on the pavement photographing this glorious piece of modern art, I realised that all the other people lying around were the worse for drink and not taking in the same view. I include a picture of one I made earlier ( a few years ago ) designed by John Murdoch in flint and stainless - this only a tenth of the height at 40ft and somewhat less dramatic. I have encountered some truly pointless pieces of street art in my time but these are decidedly not so - perhaps their very shape is intended to floor such criticism before it starts.


Peter Ashley said...

I like the John Murdoch one, where is it?

Diplomat said...

ah - the murdoch one - we built that for Crest Nicholson on a development of theirs at Ingress Park, Greenhythe. If you cast your eye that way whilst driving over the Dartford bridge thingy on a sunny day you can see it glinting - a spark of hope in the dessert of modern apartment style housing that dropped there from outer space.

Peter Ashley said...

Ah, I remember it now. You went on about it for years in The Ship and I didn't know what you were going on about.