Saturday, 25 October 2008

Oh Molly !

Just a quick up-date - been off air for a while. Four day trip to Dublin has left me a little exhausted followed by a week on the Dorset coast (more later). Much Guinness was taken in Ireland and I just managed to catch this glimpse of our morning delivery. Haven't been to Dublin since a very heavy cricket tour some 12 years ago and things seem to have changed a bit (not the Guinness). Down in Balls Bridge I found a very notable French eatery in proper relaxed form, set around a wine merchant's dealings. Pierre of "The French Paradox" has sought to make his clientele even more happy by feeding them over a zinc top bar with a menu of confit, casoulet and good agricultural terrines etc - spectacular wine list with techno-nitrogen delivery system allowing some VERY posh juice to be made available by the glass if necessary. I managed to visit three times in four days and fail to get any pictures - you'll just have to take my word for it - the casoulet was bloody brilliant.
On the Friday I made a trip to the Croke Park Stadium, headquarters of the Gaelic Athletics Association. Two note-worthy points: spectacular engineering and quite the best tour guide I have ever met - if every tourist attraction had a guide as keen, knowledgeable and enthusiastic as the man showing us around Croke, they'd be chocker every day. MORE GUINNESS !


Peter Ashley said...

Guinness, Casoulet, Croke. Sounds like a great weekend Diplo.

Thud said...

I think everybody remembers their first Guiness in Dublin.

Diplomat said...

the first one, i remember - some of the subsequent ones are a bit of a blur