Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Five A Day

If you struggle to fit any fruit into your diet - run the bike on it instead. A very careful re-distillation of the Diplo Apple Ethanol has upped the purity sufficiently to get some smooth running.
The carb has been previously jetted at BSD (see earlier post) to run on commercial E85 which is 85% Ethanol mixed with 15% Gasoline to aid cold starting. Our Diplo85 is 85% home made apple ethanol and for the 15% gasoline we used some AvGas to lift the octane level a bit nearer the 109RON of the E85 we're jetted for. Result ! As you can see we've fabricated a tank from a Fanta bottle and the bike can be switched between E85 and Diplo85 by swapping the fuel feed line over on the carb. MORE FRUIT !


Toby Savage said...

That's great Diplo. I have run the Land Rover on cooking oil quite a few times, but your solution is organic and could save the planet.

Jon Dudley said...

There's a lot of talk about the possible damage to seals (no, not those ones) when using ethanol...buggered if I know but I like the idea of running my bike on a bushel or two of Cox's Orange Pippins. Well done!