Tuesday, 14 December 2010

"This Is The Life"

Initial road tests have gone very well and the shedavan is back at Diplo HQ for full road legal fit-out. We need to comply with DFT regs on lighting and the favoured choice will be very cheap Series Land Rover fitments readily available from the great Paddock Spares.
We managed to salvage the original jack-legs from the donor caravan which will get fitted as soon as we have a minute, enabling us to level the beast on dodgy ground. The off side of the unit has yet to be painted because originally the "shed" was parked up against a hedge and it never got the treatment. Steps will be needed as the floor is now 24" off the ground !
We are currently dealing with an enquiry for a similar unit but it will be narrower - ours, at 8ft, is road legal (they just changed the rules this year upping max width from 2300mm to 2550mm) but this may cause concern to the average caravan enthusiast so we're opting for 7' by 14'. MORE DIVERSIFICATION !

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