Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Good LIfe

Prompted by the glut of fruit this autumn the Diplo 'shop has turned to biofuel production - time to dust off the apple press. October 1/2 term is the perfect time for family involvement and Diplo Jnr has been producing apple juice - 20 gallons of the stuff. My friend Rupert Paul, holder of the world land speed record in the home-made fuel class, advised we need a juice of around 10% sugar content to be sure of a reasonably alcoholic cider as a start. He also advises much patience in the distilation process. We are proposing to build our own still and if we can produce a litre or two of 85% apple-ethanol we just need to re-jet the XT and we're away.In keeping with the environmentally conscious approach to motorcycling the Diplo 'shop has always been a responsible recycler. It was decided that once the muntjac had finished with their skins they should be be put to good use. As a winter riding seat cover these are unsurpassed for comfort and durability - available to order. MORE ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN !

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Ron Combo said...

Drink up thee zyder! The Cider House in Newton Abbot, almost certainly shut down now under the fascist H&S regime, had just three barrels behind the bar, each about the size of a Gloucester Old Spot and each with fat squeaky wooden taps, and on the front of each barrel was scrawled in chalk "Sweet", "Medium" and "Dry", although the spelling might not have been as accurate as mine. The locals were invariably and ecstatically speechless. More oblivion!