Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Down Your Way

Reasonably fine weather prospects on Saturday prompted a day out from the asylum. Diplo Jnr and I loaded the CB Special and the XT into the Series hauler for a trip out and some off road practice. We sort of lost the CB on the way but managed to limit the damage and re-loaded in good time. Our destination promised some challenging hilly bits for some "trials" practice and plenty of open dry grass to hone the oval racing and drifting techniques. The road bike on road tyres and very little power was great fun and much controlled drifting was enjoyed. The technique of backing the machine in on the rear brake followed by a very gentle transfer to power on needs much practice at, initially, low speeds.
Needless to say riders and machines spent a fair bit of time on the floor. What fun though. This was all followed by a thrilling day at Kings Lynn's Norfolk Arena on Sunday to watch some flat track racing - check out the Sideburn blog link. MORE MAYHEM !

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Peter Ashley said...

I circumnavigated Kings Lynn on both Tuesday and Thursday this week.