Thursday, 8 July 2010

No Room At The Inn

'Shop clearance - got to make room for the next project ! How about treating yourself to an environmentally friendly commuter vehicle.
This was a '72 CB175 which now has a CB200 motor. Comfy cruise 55-60 and pretty cool gas-mileage. Of course, being '72, it attracts no RFL charges which is great - very satisfying getting the disc in the post reading "Duty - NIL". Any how, the little beauty, complete with period patina and that lovingly home-built style, is up for grabs - treat yourself. New chain&sprockets, wheel bearings, electrics, MOT test etc. MORE PROJECTS !


Toby Savage said...

It is rather nice Diplo, but I fear I already have too many toys in the cupboard. LESS TEMPTATION!

Anthony Brown said...

Its a gem! How much would I pay for such a splendid example??

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