Thursday, 24 December 2009

2 Pounder

This is the famous and much sought after Culpin's Christmas Pie. Similar to their regular pie which itself is brilliant and featured previously on these pages (pic below). The main difference is this is the hand raised version using a VERY strong pastry. You could certainly kick this pie along the street without damaging it. I am a fan of both versions but Mr Culpin's reluctance to make the hand raised example through the year, because of time constraints, makes it all the more special when it does appear just before Christmas. I placed my order for a pair of these beauties a while ago and made a special trip to Uppingham this morning to collect them.



Ron Combo said...

Well done Diplo, that should be enough to get the North vs Midlands Pork Pie War up and running again, with all the inevitable hurt and suffering.

Peter Ashley said...

Lovely pic, lovely pie. You're right, it is the best, no matter what pink insepid samples are offered north of Nottingham. As Ron and Harry Hill say- "Fight!".

Affer said...

The thing about buying a 'Christmas' pie is that, when one gets to eat it, it is at least one, often three days old. That means the pastry is already starting to become stale. I firmly believe that pies should be eaten fresh off the baking tray, as one does in Skipton or Keighley (I used to get the estimable Ted Lee's pies straight from the oven. Marvellous!). Even my outstanding Gary Boyce pie suffered in this respect. Meanwhile, that does look a superb pie.....for a 'Midlander', anyway.

Jon Dudley said...

It is traditional in our lowly Southern abode for Mrs.D to construct a pork pie (or two) every Christmas. This is as a result of my maternal grandmother's influence, her hailing from close to Melton Mowbray where I believe pies are plentiful and strong on the wing. Her recipe calls for one ounce of white pepper per pie which gives them a 'distinctive' flavour. They are seven inches in diameter and seven inches tall. Sorry for all this unnecessary detail but the picture of your delightful pie with it's natural soulmate, Colman's, has got the new year juices flowing. Oh, and a boiled pigs trotter for the jelly of course.

Bucks Retronaut said...

Afraid the only mustard that cuts it hereabouts is Taylors of Newport Pagnell.Or at least it was,till some furrin outfit bought it a couple or so years ago.
And while I`m on it ,look what happened to Aston Martin just down the road.
Say No to Globalisation !