Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Double Clutch

CB Special is up and running - no surprise to find the clutch not clearing and failing to respond to all the usual dodges. Having stripped the offending item down, the stack of plain and friction plates came out as one lump and only let go their Atlantic Ocean rusty grip after a good soak in my patent cure-all vat - that and a few taps from a blunt object. Back together now.
The Series has had clutch problems to coincide, as if we didn't have enough to do. Slave cylinder failure, necessitating an interesting clutchless drive back to HQ.
The wiring loom's out of the CB again - earlier electrical tests gave us a clean bill of health but the charging system eccentricities only became apparent with the machine complete and the engine running ! The smoke emitting from under the gas tank was mostly a blue colour with that distinctive electrical fire hum to it. It seems the generator is having a go but the regulator was struggling to cope with some misdirected OPE. The loom's suffered a bit so is on the bench for repair. MORE REGULATION !


Peter Ashley said...

How lovely. Nice pic.

Toby Savage said...

Lovely job Diplo. I once drove back from London clutchless in my 80 inch, after seeing Frank Zappa at Wembley.... 1974. Simple matter of a broken pin in the linkage.

Diplomat said...

clutchless, spell checker - very upsetting