Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wagtail, Jaguar and Kiwi Stew

Spontaneous trip to the local last Friday proved to be the right move. A welcoming pint of Great Oakley's Wagtail (lightish 1038 brewed with a New Zealand hop) whilst Mrs Diplo and I peruse the menu. As usual the obvious solution of ordering the entire menu is discussed and set aside. Caution and prudence rights off the starter course - so pressed duck and chicken liver terrine, whitebait and the Tuscan Ribolita are out of the question. A second pint of Wagtail helps me settle for the grilled pork cutlet and chorizo cassoulet and Mrs D sensibly opts for the calves liver - never known to disappoint and guaranteed to be the freshest, lightest cooked liver for miles around. The Argentinian Malbec (illustrated complete with Yaguarete) waves enthusiastically from the wine list, desperate for a place on our team. Just as the Wagtail's spent, two huge elegant glasses arrive with the Chakana and the main course. Not much said for the next twenty minutes or so - plenty of sighs and happy whimpers in between slurps of the Agentinian nectar. A little post-main course rest is interrupted by discussion of the sweat choice - up 'till now things have been pretty straightforward. From the six dishes on offer it is decided that we simply can't make do without at least four of them. A further Wagtail will be needed to wash them down. A few minutes later and a gargantuan platter of goodness arrives - pint on the side. Home made panna cotta with Vin Santo-poached pears, lemon and almond polenta, VERY rich dark chocolate Nemesis, fig and almond tart with clotted cream. MORE SPONTANEITY !


Rupert Paul said...

God, I wish I knew how to enjoy life that much

Peter Ashley said...

Little Chefs really have improved since Heston Services Blumenthal got hold of 'em.

Ron Combo said...

Sounds jolly good to me, I must say.

Peter Ashley said...

I also meant to say how much I like your new portrait. Did you turn into the rose after bursting Hulk-style out of your oily overalls?

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Dipli, I don\t know if you're going to check this in time, but I have the use of a very flash car and I want to go out with Mrs I to a nice pub for a meal. Tomorrow (Sat night). The Olive Branch is all booked up. Where now? The Falcon? Mrs Paul suggested somewhere in Bulwick -King's Head. I couldn't find it on the internet. That's about as far as I want to drive from here (Spalding).
If you don't get this in time I may have made a horrible mistake and wasted this year's night out.
Please email the address with your recommendations.